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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a fantastic city with great tourist sites and activities like the Sandia Peak Tramway, Albuquerque Old Town, many museums, and the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Ride at sunrise and sunset. With about 310 days of sunshine annually, ABQ is always pleasant and dry except for the so-called "rainy season" in the summer. Such a desert city requires the best cooling services available. Fortunately, Albuquerque boasts over 600 HVAC contractors who can help with your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs.

Suppose you are installing, modifying, or repairing an air conditioning or heating unit, solar energy system, evaporative cooling unit, ductwork, or a pneumatic tube system. In that case, New Mexico law requires that you hire an appropriately licensed professional. Before employing an HVAC contractor, you should consider the technician's area of expertise, local reputation, fees, and the project's scope.

As such, it is recommended that you ask the following questions to ensure you hire the best contractor for your project in the city:

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor in Albuquerque?

In addition to saving a ton of time and money, hiring a qualified and experienced contractor for your HVAC needs ensures that the work is completed effectively, safely, and following local building and safety codes and internationally recognized ventilation and indoor air quality standards. If you have any of the following problems, it is advised that you contact a qualified Albuquerque HVAC contractor:

  • Design and installation of HVAC systems in new construction
  • Improved indoor air quality and duct cleaning
  • installation and upkeep of furnaces
  • installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioners
  • Tuning up and repairing furnaces
  • Upgrades to HVAC systems that use less energy

Be aware that poor HVAC installations and careless upkeep can increase your energy costs, shorten the lifespan of your equipment, and make your home less comfortable and livable overall.

Are You Licensed as an HVAC Contractor in Albuquerque?

The Construction Industries Division of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department is responsible for issuing HVAC licenses in Albuquerque. Before applying for a contractor license, HVAC technicians in Albuquerque must hold a Journeyman Certificate of Competence under a general HVAC contractor who is licensed. Four types of contractor licenses are available, which can be obtained by either an individual or a company entity. There are

  • MM-2: Natural Gasfitting
  • MM-3: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • MM-4: Heating, Cooling, and Process Piping
  • MM-98: Mechanical Contractor

Before submitting a Contractor License Application, applicants must pass a Qualifying Party exam, among other business and legal exams. They must also provide a valid Qualifying Party Certificate, proof of a $10,000 surety bond, a $30 application fee, and a $6 certificate cost for each classification.

Performing work without a license in Albuquerque is a crime. If the contracting work is valued at $5,000 or less, the contractor may get a term of 90 days in county jail, a fine of $300 to $500, or both. If it exceeds $5,000, the punishment could be up to six months in prison fine equal to 10% of the contracting job's total cost, or both. You can verify your HVAC contractor's license using the PSI New Mexico licensing contracting portal.

What Rates Do You Charge for Your HVAC Services in Albuquerque?

The cost of HVAC services in Albuquerque can be anywhere from $1,774.00 to $2,117.00, depending on several important variables. These elements consist of:

  • The precise nature and parameters of the work
  • The kind, name, and dimensions of the HVAC system and accessories
  • Where the HVAC system is located both inside and outside the building
  • The design of your building and the price of any renovations required
  • The job's level of labor intensity
  • The price of the necessary licenses, as well as extras like intelligent thermostats and dehumidifiers

An excellent strategy to determine a project's projected cost is to obtain quotations for your HVAC job from several Albuquerque HVAC contractors and compare their prices. Doing this has the advantage of assisting you in identifying dishonest contractors who attempt to scam unwary clients by exaggerating their cost estimates.

Will My HVAC Project Require a Permit in Albuquerque?

The Building Permits & Plan Review handles HVAC permits in Albuquerque. To guarantee that HVAC work is conducted in line with the code criteria established by the City of Albuquerque, a plumbing/mechanical permit is required. The projects listed below demand a plumbing/mechanical permit:

  • Heating or cooling
  • Installation of a water heater (work can only be completed by a licensed contractor)

Homeowners or contractors can apply for a permit online, via email, or in person at the permit office at:

Plaza Del Sol,
600 2nd Street North West,
1st Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: (505) 924-3320

What Type of HVAC Services Do You Offer in Albuquerque?

Professional HVAC contractors in Albuquerque typically provide a wide range of services to maintain the effectiveness and smooth operation of your heating and cooling systems. Typical services offered by these experts are as follows:

Air Conditioner Installation:
$2,582.00 - $3,408.00
Air Conditioner Repair:
$101.00 - $864.00
Furnace Installation:
$1,300.00 - $1,583.00
Furnace Repair:
$97.43 - $128.19
Whole House Humidifier Installation:
$378.41 - $446.10
Thermostat Installation:
$128.19 - $146.65
Central Air Purifier Installation:
$967.05 - $1,332.13

Will You Be Doing the Work, or Do You Outsource the HVAC Work in Albuquerque?

Although many qualified HVAC contractors are skilled enough to do HVAC work independently, they might need to subcontract some work to other experts. This frequently occurs for reasonably large projects, such as installing AC units in newly constructed or remodeled condo buildings or completely renovating a hotel's HVAC system. As a result, it's crucial to ascertain whether the Albuquerque HVAC contractors you hire will handle the actual work themselves or subcontract it to outside parties before hiring them.

Attempt to take the following steps if third parties will be involved in your project to prevent future problems with these subcontractors:

  • Ensure that each subcontractor has the necessary training and certifications
  • Check the bond and insurance details of the subcontractor.
  • To protect yourself from liability if the HVAC contractor fails to pay the subcontractors on time, insist on acquiring lien releases.

Are You a Fully Insured and Bonded Albuquerque HVAC Contractor?

HVAC professionals in Albuquerque must post and keep a $10,000 contractor license surety bond. All license holders are also obliged to carry workers' compensation insurance. However, you might not need worker's compensation insurance if you are a sole proprietor with no employees. For further information, call the Workers' Compensation Administration at (505) 841-6000.

As a result, always request copies of your prospective HVAC contractors' bonds and insurance certificates and verify these records before signing contracts with the contractor.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your HVAC Work in Albuquerque?

When selecting HVAC contractors, warranties are crucial, so you should always ensure you get one before signing any contracts with your chosen contractor. These warranties ordinarily last between five and ten years and cover both the equipment and parts that were bought and installed and the HVAC contractor's labor for at least one to two years.

It should be noted that the HVAC contractors and the relevant paperwork determine the particular terms and conditions of these warranties. As a result, you should always ask for a written copy of the warranty and carefully read its terms. If any contractor hesitates to talk about contracts or flat-out says they don't offer them, take that as a warning sign.

How Do I Resolve Any Issue I Have with Your HVAC Services in Albuquerque?

The Albuquerque Office of Consumer Protection accepts complaints about poor HVAC services and other problems involving HVAC contractors online or by phone at (505) 768-4596.

By filling out and submitting a complaint form online, you can also report issues with HVAC contractors to the Office of the Attorney General's Consumer and Environmental Protection Division.